Tray Plates

These hygienic, non-odorous, non-toxic, light weight plates and cups made out of Areca leaf are environment friendly.

Eco-friendly Tray Palm Leaf Plates from KKN Exports.

Whether you wanna place those great-looking, fresh veggies and fruits. Or you wanna place some cutlery neatly, trays can be handy.

These biodegradable palm leaf trays are even better. They look stylish and they’re the new green. Because they’re organic, when you choose these disposable trays you save the future.

You’re making a smart choice by picking the all-natural, no-chemical palm leaf trays. They are microwave-safe, oven-safe as well refrigerator-safe. You can now heat your food or store it in the fridge for later use with this organic product.

They look gorgeous in different sizes. Here’s what you get:

  1. 7” Small Oval Tray
  2. 10” x 5” Small Tray
  3. 12.5” Big Oval Tray
  4. 12” x 6” Medium Tray
  5. 13” x 9” Big Tray
  6. 15” x 10” Big Tray
7 Inch Small Oval Tray
10 x 5 Inch Small Tray
12.5 Inch Big Oval Tray
12 x 6 Inch Medium Tray
13 x 9 Inch Big Tray
15 x 10 Inch Big Tray