Our Areca leaf products have the potential to clear below-highlighted certifications.

Microbiological Test - With reference to International Standards

Result: Passed

Test: All tests such as aerobic & anaerobic plate count, coliform, E.Coli, yeast & mould showed either absent or at below the minimum detectable amounts.

Observation: Our dinnerware is completely hygienic & safe for immediate use once out of the shrink pack.


Heavy Metal Test

Result: Passed

Observation: Heavy metals like iron, lead, copper & zinc are in minimum acceptable amounts. Testing for heavy metals is for both human and environmental concerns.


Food Contact Test - With reference to DIN 10955, EC Directive 1935/2004

Result: Passed

Observation: The Submitted Product is Inconspicuous with regard to the Transfer of Smell and Taste to Food Stimulant.


Heat Resistance Test

Result: Passed

Observation: Our Areca Leaf dinnerware can withstand for little less than 2 minutes in the microwave on a high heat setting (29°) and for up to 40 minutes in the oven at 350°F. After the recommended time, deformation observed.


Pesticide Test

Result: Passed

Observation: Not detected. The areca trees are grown in mountainous areas without any assistance of fertilizers and hence there will not be any trace of pesticides in the sheaths.


Phytosanitation - Plant & Quarantine

Result: Passed

Test: Before shipping, the container is fumigated and tested for safety. This is to certify that disposable dinnerware made from areca leaf plates have been inspected according to appropriate procedures of the Plant & Quarantine Department, India, and are considered to be free from quarantine pests and practically free from other injurious pests and they are considered to conform with the current phytosanitary regulations of the importing country.

Observation: Plant material is safe for contact with food.